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With, timeshare owners can offset their annual fees and other costs of vacation ownership. The process is simple, reliable, and risk-free. And when you think about it, why not benefit from using your timeshare as a vacation rental, rather than letting your week slip away unused?

It’s simple to add your rental to Simply get in touch with us to speak with a vacation specialist, follow the simple process to “deposit” your week with us, then sit back and relax until your week rents and we send you a check for the proceeds of the timeshare rental.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can offer timeshare rentals through ?

Almost all timeshare owners are eligible. Whether you own timeshare weeks, points, deeded timeshare, or a vacation club membership, your vacation ownership is yours to rent to other vacationers. And you can rent your timeshare to someone else regardless of whether you own it in full or you are still making payments on it. The only requirement to add your timeshare to our marketplace is that you have a booked interval with specific check-in and check-out dates.

How will I collect the rental fees?

As a member of the Owner Community, you don’t have to worry about collecting fees. You never have to worry about tracking down a renter to sign a contract or make the payment. In fact, we’ll send a check directly to you for the proceeds of your rental.